Monday, 22 December 2008

Project 28 - Money Wallet tutorial

As requested by Jackie, here is a tutorial of how to make my money wallets.
You will need;
1 sheet of 12x12 patterned paper (single sided) for each wallet
small off cut of paper and card
Double sided tape
Sewing machine (optional)
sticky pad or magnet to close
corner rounder punch
Rubber stamps and ink pad for greeting

1. Using one whole sheet of 12x12 patterned paper, fold into three exact sections at 4 inch intervals. trim off a 1 inch wide strip from one side of the paper after folding. Place a strip of double sided tape along the bottom edge and fold over to wrong side of paper along the edge of the DST to make a narrow hem.
2. Apply double sided tape along the side edges of the lower two sections of the paper. Peel off the backing and fold the top third of paper down first and press. Then fold the bottom third of paper up to create a pocket for the money to sit in inside the wallet.3. Cut one third of the narrow strip of paper off and remove. Stick the other two thirds together using double sided tape, to form a strip of double sided paper for the closure. Round the corners of this strip at one end only.

4. For the greeting card pocket, cut an off cut of toning paper that is larger than a credit card by three quarters of an inch on all sides. Apply double sided tape to one long edge and fold over a narrow hem as done before on the wallet. Apply double sided tape to the other three sides and stick in position on the right hand side of the wallet card. See first picture above to help.
5. Place the wallet closure on the outside of the wallet and adjust length by eye. Hold securely, whilst stitching around the outside of the wallet using the sewing machine, then trim away excess of closure close to stitching. Tie the ends of the threads to secure the stitching and trim away.
6. Glue a button to the outside of the wallet closure using silicone glue and leave to dry. Do not crease the wallet to fold it, but wrap around a small tube and roll on the desk at the centre to get that nice curve. I used my tacky glue tube to curve it around and rolled it on the desk top, just around the centre.
7. For the greeting card, draw around a credit card and cut out a rectangle of cardstock - I used core-dinations card. Round all four corners using a corner rounding punch. Sand the edges of the card to decorate, using file or sandpaper. Stamp your greeting on the card and to and from on the reverse. Slide greeting card inside front pocket of wallet as in photo at top.
Fill the wallet with your gift and close using a sticky pad. Add initials to the outside front of the wallet at the bottom corner, using stickers or rub-ons.

Takes very little time and is very easy! Hope you still have time to make some! You could use them to give shop gift cards and make fake money for your greeting card instead! TFLx


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the tutorial CC its great. Just made my first practise wallet. They will be great for birthdays in 2009.Love Jackie worcs :-) xxxx

Anonymous said...

Thanks CC, made three just in time for Christmas - elle jay gee xx