Monday, 31 May 2010

Heritage photo's

We have spent the weekend helping to clear FIL's bungalow and I have been packing boxes. It seems very sad to me that there are a lot of photographs that are un-named. I have been scanning photo's into my PC of family members that I am aware of, that are my son's heritage, but unfortunately there are many that are un-traceable now. It has occurred to me that it is a great thing this hobby of scrapbooking! This will not be a problem for the future generations, if we keep our side of the bargain.
We are lucky that photography is so easy for us and we can record the everyday and the ordinary. I am piecing together the past, and it is very interesting. So here we have three generations of the family, my husband, his dad and his grandad. It's a start! Why not make a start today on labelling your old photographs? Before the pieces in the jigsaw become really difficult to solve, because the links to the past have gone. TFLx

Friday, 28 May 2010

Racing update

Racing was great! I think we were slightly up on the night, but we are not 'big bet' people, £1 each way is as much as we dare!! Lol! It was a bit cold and dull but the food and the company were great and the Gin and Tonic triples poured by the steward in the box was certainly helping my central heating!! Lol!! Had a minor hang over yesterday though!!

I had the winner in the first race (albeit the favourite) so we were off to a flying start!! Frankie Dettori came home for us in another and I think we got a place in all the other races between us! Not a bad night!
I have kept my badge the betting slips and the booklet for another racing page including memorabilia, like I did last year, when I actually do some crafting again!! Lol! I am on half term next week, so I have promised myself a day to fire my enthusiasm!! Thank you for checking in and still viviting, even though there are no crafty tips at present, I appreciate your visit. TFLx

Monday, 24 May 2010

Well we can't complain about the weather!!

Famous last words! Another hot day again today but it is all about to get colder apparently. Like many other people, we had our first bbq of the year yesterday, dusting off the patio furniture for the new season and raiding the freezer for all sorts of yummies! I made these! (Courtesy of a recipe in the latest Sainsbury's magazine.) "Whoopies" are the latest thing apparently, but yesterday, I had trouble keeping the marshmallow frosting in place due to the heat!
I also made profiteroles with crushed raspberries and custard mixed with mascarpone, drizzled with toffee sauce!! Yummy!
Been a busy weekend, withclearing FIL's house now he is happily settled in the new home. I am certain there will be plenty more like that too! Last week of term before we break up this week, so that should be enough for the weather to take a turn for the worst, but not until after Wednesday please, as I am "off to the races" again! had a great time last year! Lost of photo's, which I condensed into one layout, including memorabilia. I wonder if I will make a start on some crafting next week in my week off? I hope so! Lol! TFLx

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Can you believe it????

I have lived in this town for nearly all of my twenty odd years of married life and I never knew I had this on my doorstep!!! Literally two minutes from my front door and Barney and I had a fab walk in these bluebell woods on Friday morning! The weather was perfect.
Now you see him, now you don't!
I was almost too late as I could see some of them were beginning to go over.
As you can see, Barney was delighted to pose for the camera! This small area of ancient woodland is left at one end of the common land around the town, right opposite the racecourse. 
I am certain I have taken enough photo's to warrant a mini book, as I like them all!! 72 in total to be precise! The wonders of digital photography!!

Check out my watermark with PSE too! That only took me about three hours! Lol!
Been very busy today, rushing about in this heat! Hoping to have a bbq tomorrow so that should be enough for it to rain!! Still no craft to report, but I am working on it! I did finish a paper bag book for a friend yesterday, so she will be pleased to read this!! TFLx

Thursday, 20 May 2010

And just like that..............

I no longer have a son at school! DS2 left school yesterday for home study leave. Quite a milestone when your youngest leaves school! Makes you feel older! He will be doing A levels but proper school, uniform et al is over!!
He was not happy that I wanted a photo!! Lol! You think they would be used to me by now!! Here he is back home in one piece after his exam, complete with signed shirt!  
I have not been posting as I have been trying to learn how to use my Photoshop elements programme to download and re size photo's. What a pfaff! It is mega complicated! Thank goodness I have the book my sister bought me!! Yesterday I was experimenting and came up with these two beauties, but it took hours!!! Lol!

Love this colour emphasis technique where you can remove all the colour apart from one area. Or this one where you can add colour gradient....

I am planning to print these off big and make them the main focus of a page, that is when I find my mojo!! Has anybody seen it??? I don't remember the last time I sat at the craft desk and it is worrying me! If you have a good cure for the lack of umpf, please leave a comment!! Maybe it's just post Sindy, post birthday blues. TFLx

Monday, 17 May 2010

Birthday girl!

Sorry for the long overdue post! I am not even sure why, except that I have been slightly busy celebrating my birthday!! So, without further ado, here is a catch up post representing the weekend events!
So here I am on my 49th birthday last Saturday! Yes it's the big 50 next year!! I dread to think!!! I am all ready to go to Pizza Express for my birthday treat with some friends. I am sporting my new handbag, bought for me by my two sons. I got some great presents, including Photoshop elements with book on "How to...." and some lovely perfume, as well as two scarves, one of which I am wearing! DS1 came home from Uni for the weekend, which was nice, so we could all be together. DS2 made me a scrummy marble cake.....

Of which there is nothing left!! And I wonder why I am putting weight on!!!!??
Fab stash parcels arrived, including some more TH dies and my Studio Calico kit as well as my prize from the recent Cybercrop which was some Cosmo Cricket 'Garden Variety' papers.
Yesterday, I was worn out and after a brief tour of Debenhams in the morning to return some items, we relaxed in the afternoon, before taking DS1 back to Uni last night.
Today is school planning day, in between washing and dog walking etc. Maybe I may get to some crafting later??? TFlx

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The birthday boy

This is a heritage photo of FIL aged 11, taken at 'Brown Muffs Ltd' in Bradford in 1933, I know this because he wrote it on the back few years ago when he had this reprint done for me! I wanted to include his handwriting on the page, so I scanned the back of the photograph into the PC and printed it out on my patterned paper.
It looks like he did the journaling now! He has such beautiful copper plate handwriting, or at least he did have until Diabetes robbed him of the feeling in his hands, so now he has difficulty holding a pen at all.
This page was done for a challenge set by Ann C to include stamping, something blue and a question mark in the title. I made the blue flower using the Donna Salazar method of scrunching scallop circles, but cut mine from dress pattern tissue paper using a scallop circle punch through several layers and misting with 'Blue Corn' Maya Mist. I made a pool of glossy accents on my craft mat and quickly scrunched the flower on to it before it dries. Because the craft mat is non stick, it easily lifts off when dry. The centre of the flower is a vintage finding button and I used a Maya Road trinket pin through the shank. You can just see a strip of my new favourite thing, Japanese "Washi tape" on this page too! I love it! I ordered three reels of old book tape and one of tartan and one or red polka dots! It's great! It is washi paper, but in tape! Just like patterned masking tape. I am sure I am going to use it a whole bunch! Endless possibilities! Good old ETSY! TFLx
P.S. Happy birthday SIL yesterday!

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Phew! I'm worn out!

Not sure where the weekend went???!!! Saturday I was here....

freezing to death in a marquee in Leicester. Helping eat this cake.........
Eating my meal with my coat on! Sunday I was here............

at FIL 88th birthday party, eating this cake.................

Since that time I have been knee deep in parcelling up Sindy clothes!!!!!! Why did I list all 64 lots at once??????? The good news is they went very well!
For those of you who left a comment about the bracelet, I have kept it! It is hanging on the o-wire of the Sindy album. The clothes have already started arriving at their new homes and I am pleased they will bring as much joy as they did to me as a girl.

This bride, was my bridesmaid 22 years ago!! My favourite shots of the day are this one of her dress and this one of her flowers.

And what of my outfit on the day? Well, I have only one picture of the top half of me, taken by hubby! But then, I took none of him at all! Apparently!!! :(
Ok, only one parcel left to post! Phew! TFLx

Friday, 7 May 2010

I'm a Sindy girl!!

I think I have made a mistake here last night! It should say the doll you love to dress! Must have been working late lol! Will go and change it!! Anyway I have made my Sindy mini! I used one huge brown envelope as the cover and then 5 envelopes as the double pages. I used my BIA to secure them to a chipboard backing, which I slotted into the large envelope as a coverall. (I will explain this method on a future post!!) Anyway, it was a great use for some of my 50 envelopes for 99p from Home bargains!!
If you remember this post I made about rediscovering my youth when my sister found my Sindy things in the loft? Well yesterday I whizzed upstairs into the craftroom and got cracking on my mini album. I used GCD studios homespun papers as I thought the colours were perfect for this album! I followed Ann C's lead to get my Sindy title in the right font by printing it in mirror image to the back of my patterned paper and cutting it out. (Great idea Ann!) That's funny, she was inspired by me, who was in turn inspired by her!! Lol!!
I had approximately fifty photo's I had printed off, of all my Sindy things as listed for the auction site and I have written about some of them. I am waiting to see how much they fetch and I will add that to the mini album too! Inside the front cover is the blog post from the other day, to show how the album started!!
I have researched the history of Sindy on the internet and used that information to put outfits back together. I have added some of this information to the mini album too. I kept a pink theme throughout! (Of course!)
Until this week, I had no idea she was soooooooo collectible! Particularly the 1970's things, which are later than the originals, which seems strange to me!
I have had emails from Denmark, Australia and New Zealand!
One thing that struck me, was when a friend at work had noticed how many outfits I had!! I tell you, I lived and breathed Sindy, every birthday and Christmas for years and years! (That and horses were my two main hobbies as a child!) I certainly had my money's worth!!
Anyway, here are some of the pages, I have thoroughly enjoyed myself having this little trip down memory lane! It's what true scrapping is all about!
Just can't decide whether to let my charm bracelet go to a true collector or let it adorn my mini album!!
It's been in my treasure box for years! I went straight to it this morning!! TFLx

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Let's vote!!

It's voting day today and let's not forget all those suffragettes who risked and lost their lives to get us the vote ladies!! Get out there and exercise your right, for their sake!!
Not sure where the time has gone since my last posting on here, I have been neglecting my blog! Unheard of! Firstly we spent the rest of the bank holiday weekend, clearing some shrubs that had died in the bad winter and replanting a low lavender hedge. We cleared a whole bed surrounding a patio and I am amazed at the results! The garden looks so much bigger! Well I say 'we', I said what I wanted moving and hubby did all the hard labour! Lol! And two trips to the tip! I was too busy with my Sindy clothes!! Talking of which, I seem to have created quite a stir!! I had no idea when I listed them all that they were so popular! Thanks too for all the great comments you have left on that Sindy post, I am glad I have rekindled so many good memories!! Thanks too to Ann C! Check out her great layout here, inspired by my post! Love it! I have to say I have not got very far with my Sindy mini album yet! I have the photo's printed off but not got any further! Things are conspiring against me this week! Maybe today....
DS2 managed to survive Tuesday which consisted of his Modern exam at his dance school followed by his GCSE french oral back at school on the same morning!! My back has been playing up this week and I have ironing to do today, so that will be interesting! We have a busy weekend planned so no scrapping time to look forward to either! A wedding and a birthday party to go to instead. I finally got an outfit on Monday so at least I can go to the wedding now! Not been to one for years and years!! The girl getting married was my bridesmaid 22 years ago, age five! Now do I feel old or what???? Must take my camera!!
Leave you with a layout I did for the cybercrop. Off to vote! TFlx

Saturday, 1 May 2010

"Sindy! The doll you love to dress!"

Well, if you were a child of the sixties, like me, this should bring back a few memories!!
This is not my Sindy, just a picture off the net, but my Sindy was just like this one, I remember the box vividly! I was a Sindy girl, not Barbie or Tressy, just Sindy. I played with her for years! I had lots of outfits and even made some of my own! My friends and I had endless hours of fun, dressing and undressing her in all her outfits. So why am I talking about this? Well my sister appeared with my box of Sindy things that her girls had played with and she had found recently in her loft. She knows I put things on Ebay and thought I might want to sell them, so I am, but not without a trip down memory lane first! I have spent two days reliving my childhood, by reading up on all the outfits so I knew what to put back together with what and all of a sudden all those outfit names suddenly rang a bell! There was "Lunch date"

and "Leather looker" skirts,

"Skater girl" and "Dream date" including a record player!

I remember them all! What I didn't know until I read about it today was that a lot of the original outfits for the first Sindy were designed by fashion designers Sally Tuffin and Marion Foale and for a hair cut, a bob made fashionable by Vidal Sassoon, all to reflect the changing times of the sixties. I had outfits, lots of outfits, then I got furniture! I had a wardrobe, then a dressing table,

a chest of drawers, a bed, a bedside lamp and a sideboard! I lived and breathed Sindy! We even made large cardboard boxes and called them 'Sindy Caravans' and pushed them around the house from "place" to "place." I always wanted a Sindy horse, but never got one.
Anyway, today in the process of photographing outfits for e-Bay, I have named and dated each one, so I have decided this is too important not to be scrapped in some way! A whole chunk of my youth here for my book of me!! I think it may even need to be a "Sindy" mini book, I can share with childhood friends when I next see them! My second Sindy, (after the first one's head fell off!!) was a "Trendy Girl" Sindy with a centre parting and apparently they are the most collectible. She had the seventies fashions of neon clothing, mini's midi, maxi dresses and flower power! My two favourite outfits for her were "hot pants"

and "dungarees"

From the one above in 1972 to the one below from 1963 (one of my first outfits was this one, the cape, very fashionable at the time, I had several myself and wore them with matching 'baker boy' hats!) I can almost date my Sindy playing days exactly!! (Well I reckon it was about 1966 actually when I got my first!)

If this has sparked a memory and you want to know more there are lots of websites here is a good one, here and here is another. I am off to do some scrapping! After all it is National Scrap booking Day!!! Lol! TFLX