Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Celebrating the sunshine!

Views around the garden and some Alchemilla Mollis brought in the house to go with my peonies that hubby bought me. I love its lime green flowers as well as how the leaves hold drops of water. A great garden plant and you can treat it rough and it still comes back for more. It also seeds itself everywhere! We found six plantlets that we have put in the new border that hubby is working on. They had just self seeded in other potted plants in the garden. Sometimes you don't get good photo's when it's bright sun, but I am quite happy with all of these. The blackbird is in the same nest that had problems last year. She has got further this year and at least has hatched them out but as before, the nest is so exposed I am not sure how safe they are! I keep rushing to the door when I hear her in distress as it is about 3ft from my back door, near the washing line! Above the border that hubby has been digging! This is a different nest to the one I referred to a couple of posts ago.
The herbs are looking good with some plant labels from the Range. I thought they might make nice photo's for notelets. The lavender plants are two new ones I bought at Sainsbury's with my food shopping the other week. Look good in a blue plant pot.
Had a bad day yesterday at the dentist :( Had a bit of tooth ache, ended up with a temporary dressing in two teeth and all I can taste is oil of cloves!! Yuk! Also on antibiotics to clam it all down. Yuk! Two X rays and a lot of drilling later, and I still have to return in three weeks :( Also, managed to miss Studio Calico reveal !!! Unheard of! Perhaps it is just as well as there has not been much scrapping going on. On the plus side, I did buy myself a desk fan yesterday Yay! I was also lucky in the charity shop and found a glass cake stand! TFLx

Friday, 24 June 2011

I appear to have lost a whole week????

Where or how I am not sure, but the whole week has whizzed by since I last posted!
The driving lessons for DS2 are underway!! I may have more grey hairs than I did, but so far, so good!
We have celebrated father's day, me and my dad;

DS2 with hubby!
We had a lovely lunch and then posed for a family photo.
Quite a few of DS2's friends have been celebrating their 17th, so the little blackboard cards I made have come in very handy!!
I have been busy selling on eBay to fund the the driving and at the rate he's getting through the lessons, I will have to make it a full time job! I am selling Playmobil now and the loft is heaving a sigh of relief!
Took mum to hospital the other day for an appointment, dropped her off, then nipped into Hobbycraft for 2 mins! Just got in and she was ready to be picked up!! Typical! NHS are early when you need time to stash shop!! Never made it upstairs! Just had time to buy 2 RUB boxes  for 12 x 12 and a punch anywhere on the page square punch from Fiskars. Also. have had to content myself with a 'Distrezz it all' from Craft Obsessions! Have not had time to open it though!!
My foray into eBay, of course, has resulted in me having to make a few bargain purchases!! Me and vintage china are still an item! I have to say the postman has called every morning this week so far. I just keep telling hubby "Well it was a bargain, only 99p!!!" TFLx

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Everything gardenwise.....

is coming up roses, (or not, as the case may be!!!)
We are having a garden revamp, due to the death of several shrubs and a huge Montana Clematis, that died during the harsh winter. The pink one survived, but not the white. You can also see the stumps of several hedging plants that we  cut back, as they had gone mad and grown through the fence, breaking it in parts! However, we could not get the stumps out, so we had to call in an expert.
Now it is stump-less! And ready to get cracking. Hubby has started to dig it over, but it was all so dry, fortunately we have had some serious rain in the last few days!
We have had some seriously moody skies of late!
Anyway, I noticed that my wellies had perished and had a hole in them, so I have invested in a new pair of "Cath Kidston" wellies!
These are my new dog walking wellies too. I had never worn out wellies until we got Barney! I am now on my fourth pair! Of course these are not to get dirty, just to look at! Lol!
Finally, this nest outside my back door, has been left abandoned for weeks (I kept my distance). It seems so sad, but there has been nothing visiting it for ages, so I think it's a no go :( I love this photograph though! TFLx
P.S. Hosta's have been fab again this year!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

April review layout

Caught up with my April review page. This time I left the collage print complete and then I added the journalling on some tags cut with my Fiskars squeeze punch. I then threaded them on a padlock that I got out of a cracker and called them 'April highlights'. I added a butterfly and a Tim Holtz "time" tag to show time flies!! I attached it to the layout using an elastic treasury tag from the packaging of a ring I bought in Primark and some holes with eyelets for strength.

The embellishments were some scattered buttons and crocheted flowers to add texture, threaded with Baker's twine. I have now completed May's review, but you will have to wait until I photograph it! 
DS2 is out on his first driving lesson today, will be back soon, wonder how he has got on? I need to go and catch up on the ironing today. Bright and sunny here, just walked to the Post Office with Barney who is feeling a bit better today.  TFLx

Monday, 13 June 2011

Happy Birthday!! Let them eat cake!

DS2 had a pre-birthday party yesterday with family.
Today he is actually seventeen, but no time for a driving lesson until tomorrow, as he is at dance class! Of course we had lots of yummy cake which my dad and I enjoyed very much!

Just one casualty, Barney decided to have a poorly day :( Having had me up all night the night before, being sick, he went into and Addison's event and was very poorly, but is coming round slowly today. TFLx
P.S. Have just parcelled up all my Lego that sold on eBay, phew! Been to Post Office and created a queue posting 25 parcels!! Lol! The driving lesson fund is looking good!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

March review page

I was not as behind as I thought I was with my 50th year album review layouts and managed to print these pictures out twice and when I started to make this layout for the second time, I realised I had done it already! Duh! So here it is. The  trick is to find different ways of getting so many photo's on a page. I have now completed April and May which I will share with you over the next few days and it is interesting how they are all different. On this one I chose to cut up my collage print and added texture by pleating the paper into ridges on the right hand side. I hand drew frames and lines for journaling. 
This weekend is going to be busy! Tomorrow we are hoping for a nice day to have a BBq with the family, for DS2's birthday. We went to ASK last night, just the four of us, as DS1 is going away with mates today and wont be here.

Can't believe he will be 17 on Monday! Driving lesson all booked! By the way, the ASK offer was very good, 2 courses for £10 or 3 for £12. We had to have 3 of course! TFLx

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Did I post this layout before?

I was just flicking through my 50th year album and found this layout from February that I have never posted (I don't think!)
I made this when we had just returned from Newcastle and I was pleased with my photo of the bridges at twilight.
I very rashly punched stars out of the photograph and then punched smaller ones from the waste and reinstated them in the layout.
This was when I had just taken delivery pf my Fiskars squeeze punches I won on eBay in various sizes. I used some random machine stitching to hold them in place. The background has mist and some embossed stars using a clear embossing powder over a teal covered ink- a neat way to save you having to have every colour in embossing powder! TFlx

I think the stars were originally done using a stencil of a punch out, then ink over the top through the stencil with Versamark before adding the embossing powder.
The journaling was done on a large tag stamp that I bought in France at the Paris craft show last November. By stamping straight on the background paper, it sort of blends in better.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Census 2011

Just completed my Census 2011 page for my 50th Year album. I took a photo on census day and then printed off the details about the Census from the Internet. I tried to tie the purple from the Census details and black of my dress together. Not sure the self portrait is flattering! But true to life on that day!! Going to add my family details around the edge as a border in white journaling pen after this photograph is taken.
Stamping in Wisteria Chalk eye ink and more stitching with the Sew Easy. 
Having used the census in my family tree searches, it might be nice for future generations to have my photo to go with the data! TFLx

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

50th Album Catch up again!

I used the Studio Calico Sunday sketch to prompt this layout about the two cars we have owned in the last couple of months! The first one we were not happy with so we took it back and made them swap it for another! So the new car changed colour!
I am really into making these little embellishment clusters at the moment, like I did for my thank you cards. Used my Sew Easy again! 
Had some reflexology today, here's hoping that helps my head problems. TFLx

Sunday, 5 June 2011

I feel another mini book coming on.........

I have been in "Lego World!"
 I decided at the start of my holiday to get out all the boy's Lego from the loft and sort it into sets and sell it on Ebay, to help finance the driving lessons that will be starting next Monday for DS2! First of all I sorted it all into colours, then I found all the instruction leaflets in a ring binder, that I had kept safe (I am soooo organised!!!!) and I systematically sorted every set!!! I have just listed 40 sets of Lego on eBay! Phew I am worn out!
All neatly bagged and ready to roll and I am just left with this tiny box of spares!
Not a bad job! I thought it might be a good idea to eventually make a mini album of the forty sets they did own between them! It's nice to look back on, like I did with my Sindy things, without having the clutter of the items, but having the financial benefit of the proceeds! I love this scrapbooking hobby! Brilliant! TFlx
P.S. Don't ever let anyone tell you Ebay money comes easy, it takes hours to earn it!!! If you have the time, it's great!

Saturday, 4 June 2011

My, my, May has whizzed by!

My calendar tells me we hit a new month and with all these bad headaches, I had not even noticed! It was only when I downloaded the photographs from last night and had to make a new folder, it struck me, we are in June! I told you this week had been a write off! Last night was wonderful, the weather and the setting combined to create a perfect evening for the event and all the foreign visitors thought we all lived like that! Lol! here are a few shots I will be scrapbooking at a future date for the album of this year. You may just recognise the dess! Champagne on the terrace was difficult to refuse but contented myself with orange juice, so as not to anger my head!!

For anyone who is interested, it is the home of Sir Tatton Sykes in East Yorkshire.
Anyway, back to another layout from last weekend, good job I did some before I got ill, because nothing has happened this week in the craft room!
This page was a collage print of our trip to New York and I decided to turn it Sepia for a change. I know the colours of New York are vibrant, but I have an alum of my snaps done anyway, so for this page in the 50th Year album I used a spare Black and White Postcard cut up as my title and that gave me the inspiration to go Sepia. I added colour in red and navy to reflect the Stars and stripes, with striped ribbon and navy blue stars with my star punches, layered up with red.
These collages are a great idea for an album like this, the difficulty is working out what you can do with what is left of the page around it! Today I am in mega eBay mode! Got a lot to catch up with! Loft clearance is beginning in earnest! TFLx

Friday, 3 June 2011

Rock Challenge - Second place!

Not bad considering it was the Northern Premier final, against 11 other schools. I had made this layout using my son's picture from the front page of the local paper, which I scanned to try and preserve it. He had the lead role of God in their production which was a take on the poem Paradise Lost. For the layout,  I used a sheet of October afternoon paper with a map of the West end of London on it and called the layout "Future, West End Star!"

I did some more stitching on this layout using the Sew Easy, a sort of Blanket stitch effect to join the two pieces of paper. I also "zinged" some more stars, this time in black. Here are the colours I have so far!
Slight improvement on the headache front today, only one migraine tablet so far! Got to accompany hubby out tonight for work to a local stately home, so  I hope I am up to it! It should be a beautiful evening. TFLx