Tuesday, 29 May 2012

A little Jubilee giveaway!!

As we approach the big jubilee weekend, I thought I would like to share some of my Jubilee themed items from my Etsy shop in a little RAK!

I am giving away a set of journaling tags with Royal Guard soldiers on, in either brown or white, a set of two London bus journaling cards and some union jack bunting and little flags to decorate your pages. All of these will make a great addition to your scrapbook page or mini album to mark the jubilee! To enter, either follow cannycrafter on facebook using the link in the sidebar and like the page, then pop back here and leave a comment to say you have liked the page and I will enter your name into the draw, or if you are not on facebook, then just follow me here by adding to the Google followers. If you are already following me, recommend me to a friend to follow and I will add both you and them to the draw! Don't forget to comment on this post to qualify! Closing date is next Tuesday at midnight GMT and I will draw a winner on Wednesday. Lets get scrapping! TFLx

Monday, 28 May 2012

What a hectic time!

One son completes his degree and comes home and the younger son finds out on the same day that he has auditioned successfully for two dance schools in London and has achieved a scholarship towards his course if he chooses not to do the degree option! I am so proud of both of them and we have been celebrating with the grandparents.
I have been 'sooooooooooooo' living on the edge for more weeks than I can remember, hoping to achieve this successful conclusion for both of them and finally we have reached this goal and both hubby and I are extremely proud of them! What an exciting time! In these times of uncertainty, with not many job prospects in the recession, it will be difficult for both of them to find their way, but I am sure they have the will to succeed.
The audition process for dance school, started for DS2 way back in October, with various stages and recall auditions and learning different songs and monologues. Out of the six he auditioned for, he was actually awarded a place a four. He thinks he will go to the first one he auditioned for way back in October!!
For DS1, this day is also a milestone. For a child with Dyspraxia, to go to University was a huge step for him and to actually complete the course, whatever the classification, will be a milestone in itself! He has also achieved independence and maturity far beyond what I imagined and has learnt to stand on his own two feet, pay bills, run a bank account and feed and cook for himself - all essential life skills. I hope to any other parents of a special needs child, this will be a beacon of light, because back in the early days of his life, (as I have mentioned many times before) I was told he might only be able to sign his name on a cheque, but that might be all he could do! 
 Both boys are a total contrast to each other. Both unique in their own way. Proud mummy moment! TFLx

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Birthday layout! Week 20 Project Life

I made my left hand page of Project Life this wee, a full page photo of me on my birthday. I added the date stamp digitally before printing. The top left hand corner is the Week 20 title on a piece of cupcake postcard from Paperchase mounted on a paper doily, with some butterflies. The chipboard rosette and ribbon bow made from seam binding, has a tiny flag with happy birthday on it. The 51, was added on the outside of the page protector and the doily was left loose at the top, so it too could come outside the page protector.
Most of the items I used, came from last months Studio Calico kit - City of Lights, and this months kit, 35mm. I wanted to use some of the envelopes from my birthday cards too, to keep some of them, that were extra special. I came up with a way of making the album out of three envelopes, with their flaps, as hinges,  mounted on a sheet of card, covered with patterned paper, then threaded through a slit made in my page protector, so the pages could be looked at without sliding the whole layout out of the pocket.
I used some Washi tape at the top and bottom of the slit I cut, so it wont tear any further than I want it to!I have extra space here for other items from my birthday I may want to add.
I then decided to add a Heidi Swap Memory File Photo stack to the largest outer envelope.
This gave me a lot of photograph space, it's been a busy week!
I made a collage of my birthday photo's in Picasa and printed it 6x4 on my Selphy.

I made a whole page with another collage about my joint present, a Cameo! I love how it all turned out and I managed to make space on a double page spread, for everything I wanted to include!
Today has been a huge day in our household!! In fact, I would even say momentous, but I will save that for tomorrow! Time for bed! TFLx

Sunday, 20 May 2012

First Cuts!!!

Here are the first few cuts I have done with Camilla Cameo! I decided to make some thank you cards for my birthday money!

I designed them myself using the software and this one I got a bit braver with!
I also purchase this Studio File from the Silhouette America and made this card and added my own cut out greeting to the pot.
I want to send it to my friend who has just lost her dog. I made it by cutting out all the pieces together on a 12 x12 sheet in scrap card, which then gave me a template I could place under my mat whilst I pieced together odd pieces of coloured card that I wanted for each part! Clever stuff hey??? I then remove the template from under the clear mat before inserting it in the machine. That way I don't waste any. I can keep the template for next time too! TFLx

Saturday, 19 May 2012

I am delighted to announce the safe arrival of......

Camilla the Cameo!! I asked for birthday money from all my family and they came up trumps! So thank you to mum and dad, sister and both sisters in law and my two boys and of course hubby who added the final amount!! I can't wait to get cracking!! Watch this space!!Just need to reorganise a little to fit her in, but she can live here when not in use, on top of my IKEA mini drawers covered in lovely Sass papers!
Talking of reorganising, I spent some time yesterday getting my ribbon stash under control. I wound up the lengths and stapled each one with an SC card I had saved.
Quite a lot of work, but now takes up much less space! Ribbon has fallen somewhat out of favour but I use it to trim mini albums and things so I still needed it accessible. It has moved from an open basket on the desk top to a CD drawer out of sight, but I can still see at a glance what I have. More to the point, they are not all knotted up!! TFLx

Friday, 18 May 2012

The patchwork layout - how I made it

This layout I did for NSD has caused quite a stir and was featured on the home page on UK scrappers this wee. I have had some people ask me how I did it, so I am going to share it here, now.
First my inspiration. The challenge was to use triangles in a layout, so I went straight to Google Images, as I often do and googled triangle inspiration, lots of pictures came up and I was taken by this one and the second picture down by red pepper quilts.
I got a collection of scraps of papers and I was pretty random with my choice of colours here. I then cut each piece down to a 2" x2" square, using my Fiskars paper trimmer and if I got more than one square from the double sided paper I turned one square over to have even greater diversity of patterns. I then cut each square in half diagonally with my paper trimmer.This gave me a whole load of triangles.
I cut some strips of card stock and made some patterned strips inverting the triangles as I went along, each strip was five triangle long. I taped these in place. These then joined together to make a square shape which I centered on my background Kraft card stock and taped it down using dst.I was then able to position my photo and tuck four triangle under it. Having completed the two inner layers, I went on to  make some more triangle strips for the outer set. To place these evenly, I added my corner triangles and then was able yo space the outer strips so the background card stock was showing equally, either side. (I do hope this is making sense!!)
Finally I wanted to add some stitching and buttons to add dimension, but my sewing machine was inaccessible at the time, so I cheated and used my Fiskars stitching punch. I punched strips of Kraft based patterned card stock and then trimmed them into narrow strips which I applied with foam pads for dimension. A handful of buttons were dropped randomly on the layout and then glued in position after tying some of them with linen thread so they look stitched. More dimension was added with a few triangles, around the central photo, on foam pads and some stitching rub-ons across each corner.
I hope that explains more how I did it!! TFLx

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Don't overlook the obvious! project Life week 19

This famous lady - Amy Johnson, was from Hull and I have been shopping to Hull many times and never noticed her statue before, until last Friday!
Here is the page I made with it.
I snapped this photo on my visit to Hull last Friday and it prompted some research on the net, as I had forgotten a lot of what I knew! How often do we overlook the history in our own backyard!! I met up with friends in town and we went to Pizza express for lunch as a celebration for my birthday. I snapped this statue and Pizza express and totally forgot to snap my friends!!

This is how the double page spread looked. The left hand side was four 6x4 photo's, two of which I did as collages, using Picasa. One was my NSD layouts from last weekend.
The other was a round up of things growing well in the garden, then a photo of the new walnut plinths hubby and I did to update the kitchen units last weekend.
Our pear wood units are difficult to match and the plinths were a mess. These walnut plinths blend nicely with the high gloss brown worktops we added a few years ago and overall I am very pleased with the result for not too much outlay!! We don't normally do DIY so this was a major achievement to do it ourselves too! 
Is anyone else out there still managing to keep up to date with Project Life??? By the way, don't forget to open your eyes to what is local to you and get out there and photograph it!! TFLx

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Been Getting Messy!

This is how far I have got with my "Get Messy class" with  Celine Navarro. TFLx

Friday, 11 May 2012

Project Life week 18!!! Yay! Still up to date!!

I was reading a tweet yesterday from Julie Fei-Fan Balzer to Dina Wakley, which said "my best project life advice, Don't Fall Behind!!!" so with that I put the finishing touches to last week's pages. (By the way I tweeted a lot of pictures of my crafting yesterday, if you want to look - check out the sidebar or follow me on Twitter. I am cannycrafter.
This time the week consisted of a full page and a 4 pocket page protector, partly because I did not have much to say about this week, it has been a pretty low key week. The full page spread is a photo of my friend who had a hip replacement on the Monday and came home on the Wednesday and walked around to my house on the Thursday!!!! I think she is going for the quickest recovery ever, but she is only 46!!! 
I used a full packet of the JB hexagon stickers and the negative space it left behind, to make a honeycomb grid.
The right hand page has some details of the layouts I did for National Scrapbooking day (May 5th) and a collage of everyday photo's I took last week. I also managed to snap DS2 before he went out on a birthday night out for his friend and had it in the album by the next morning!! He was amazed!! Thanks to my Selphy printer! (Best eBay find ever for £5)
Yesterday I awarded myself a crafty day. I have had a hard week work wise this week, so I needed to de-stress. Celine Navarro's "Get Messy" class was the perfect thing. I had bought the class, but not started it, so I made a start yesterday and "Got Messy!"
Not something I have found easy!!! I don't like messy fingers I have found!!! Used a whole pack of wet wipes and kitchen roll already!!! Will keep you updated with how I get on!! TFLx

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

More layouts for National scrap-booking day

Here are two more challenges I completed over the weekend.

This one was to use letter stamps in your layout. I decided to use my two sets of Project Life stamps from Studio Calico to construct a page based on a piece of typography art I had been inspired by on the net. This layout charts my interest in Project Life and the last two photo's of my double pages.
Finally, this layout was part of a confetti challenge.

I was again inspired by a piece of art, to create this layout, which includes all 31 of my Photo a day prints from January, punched and added to the pile of punch-outs and confetti. You can see some of the original inspirational art work on my Pinterest board here. TFLx

Monday, 7 May 2012

(Inter) national scrap booking day layouts!

Saturday was national scrapbooking day in the USA and I had intended to scrap some of the Studio Calico challenges., however, I was busy Saturday so I did them last night and this morning!!
Here is my page for the triangle challenge

I can't believe I am 51 next week! It does not seem two minutes since my vintage tea party! I know I am a week early with the photo, but I liked it!! Not often I like a photo of myself!! The button placement was achieved by 'throwing' some randomly on the layout after it was finished.
Layout two was a graphic shape inspiration

This was inspired by a quote I found on the web. It can read two ways so some of the letters are cut in vellum so they blend into the background.

This final one for yesterday's crafting, was two different challenges in one. One challenge was to use a sketch, the other challenges was to use five or more photographs. I have really enjoyed my scrapping, back with some more layouts tomorrow (hopefully!)TFlx