Friday, 29 June 2012

Got any graduates in your house?

What a busy time of year, end of school, end of Uni, Proms, degree announcements! It's all go. I have several friends with children graduating from University, so I have been designing a card on my Silhouette, with a play on words - Congradulations!
I even designed, cut out and made some mortarboards to go on the corner, complete with my very own tassel made from embroidery floss.
I even designed it so the holes in the letters are in the back of the card, just got to work out the best place to sign it!!
The Silhouette file cut out at one go on my mat by placing the two colours of card stock next to each other.
I am hoping to get this Studio File into my Etsy shop on sale soon!
I got some happy mail today too! I signed up for the Studio Calico stamp summer school and the class price includes this set of stamps, postage free! Can't wait to start July 1st! TFLx

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Week 24 Project Life

Project life for week 24 was a hectic week! With having DS2's 18th birthday, there seemed to be loads of photographs! The right hand page was 3 photo collages of 6x4
 The top one was of our family meal out. The middle one was of the actual 18th birthday and the bottom one was of his White Rabbit party.
I overlaid the page with an empty page protector containing some birthday die cuts I made using my Silhouette. I have often admired Ali Edwards doing something similar with transparent pages so I wanted to give this a try. The left hand page is a sort of noticeboard of other photo's from the week.
I chose this 'wood' look paper background, then attached various photo's with a brad in one corner, so they looked like they were drawing pinned on a board. The dates were stamped with my AC stamp and then stapled on with my Tim Holtz tiny attacher. As I had no room for my journaling, I used the leftover strip of wood paper to make a very thin journaling strip between the two pages.
It flicks over as an extra page. Remember, pictures without words are relatively useless to the future generations!! I am up to date, but now I need to start week 25! as it came to a close last night at midnight!! Got to get those Olympic torch photo's scrapped!
I have just finished my lesson 4 of Jessica Sprague's class and designed a blog header.
I enjoyed making it! I may have a go at a new one, but I will see how I get on for time!
I certainly know a lot more about my Photoshop Elements after this course, which can only be a good thing! Just need to give myself more time and get the light right taking my photo's in the first place!!
Spent today unpacking and washing lots of stuff DS1 brought home when he finally emptied his Uni house for the very last time. Finding spaces to put them has been a challenge and several visits to the tip! On the plus side, I have gained a small chest of drawers for my craft supplies, on the minus side, my washing machine has been on all day!! I have even washed a double feather duvet!!

Saturday, 23 June 2012

I actually made a 12 x 12 layout!

My first in a long time! I have really enjoyed working with Project Life, but my other scrapping has totally gone by the wayside!! Anyway, here it is!
I created a background, patchwork effect with tiny pieces of scrap paper and some Washi tapes. They were mostly from my March Studio Calico kit and I have really loved working with this set of papers! I could not bare to throw anything away! The photo is of me, looking very pensive, at DS2's 18th birthday meal, he took it! I altered it in Photoshop Elements, following the free class I am doing at the moment, over at Jessica Spragues. Lesson 1 was to edit a photo using Photoshop with Jessica's tips and techniques and I rather like the result!! I know my photo skills are not where I would like them to be and I never seem to have the right light, but I love how this one turned out and I would love to know what I was thinking about when it was taken!! Maybe, "where did the last 18 years go????"
Lesson 2 was to do a quick page or two - 

The third lesson was to add frames and texture to a photo, I did these two

The next lesson is to design a blog header - let's see how I get on with that! I even joined in the free webinar yesterday, another first for me, and made this card!
My digital skills are finally improving, but I still love the first layout best! playing with paper!! Just hoping I get lucky in the 5th birthday contest, there are some great prizes!! TFLx

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The Olympic flame comes to town!

Yesterday the Olympic flame came to town so I hot footed it down into town to watch and hopefully get a few pics for project life!
Town was absolutely packed and the whole torch procession was halted in it's progress a few times!

I have saved the route from the local paper and have a paper torch that came free on the day to add to my memorabilia.
Further into town it was handed to someone else and the crowds were even bigger!
I think I did well to get a picture at the start. A once in the lifetime occasion, captured for Project Life! I knew this would be a great year to start this project!! TFLx

Monday, 18 June 2012

Carolina Pulled Pork - on the BBQ! & Happy Father's day!

Yesterday was our big family lunch for DS2's 18th birthday and it happened to coincide with father's day! I fancied doing something a little different for the food and had a go a smoking a pork shoulder or two on the BBQ! But being the typical British summer on Saturday!!!!
Hubby and I stood outside under the golf brolly waiting for it to smoke! I looked it up on the Internet and you needed to smoke it for about an hour, over indirect heat. I put a dry rub on the joints and then soaked the smoking chips in water then set it all up on the BBQ. It too longer than I thought for the smoking chips to get smoking, but if I did it again I would know how to do it now. That was the first stage completed on Saturday.
On Sunday they needed long slow cooking, basting with a wet "MOP" for about 5 hours, which I did and I was very pleased with the finished joints!

They were so tender, you could pull them apart with two forks, hence the name, pulled pork.
Serve inside a large roll with apple sauce, and you have your own pseudo hog roast. I just had to do lots of salads.
Happy fathers day to hubby.....
 and my dad! TFLx
P.S. today the Olympic flame is coming to Beverley, hoping to get there and take some pics for Project Life.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Tonight is the white rabbit party!!!

Had fun today prepping for the 'prinking' party for ds2's 18th birthday tonight. They are pre-drinking here before heading to a nightclub in town. The white rabbit theme came about because he works at the white rabbit chocolate shop!
I have made a PInterest board with ideas here and then made a few items.
'Drink me' jars instead of glasses!
A sign for the door to greet the white rabbits!, cut with my Cameo.
Bunting made from some free papers with carrot tops cut with my fringing scissors.
The door sign in situ with a large pocket watch and carrots to add to the decoration!
The large pocket watches I cut with my Cameo.
A white rabbit candle I made by transferring an image with my heat gun.
Another shot of the carrot bunting!
My 3 tier crisp dispenser, made to look like a cake! The artificial grass and the Glow jars I made, by breaking glow sticks inside empty jars.
More carrot bunting with carrot tops cut on the Cameo this time. Great fun! TFLx

Monday, 11 June 2012

Project Life 3 week catch up!

I blasted through three weeks of layouts recently, I had not realised I had got behind!! Somehow on half term, I suddenly did not have the time I usually make for scrapping! I was too busy with hubby being off too!
Week 21 has a collage picture of all the snaps I took this week, and the right hand page is a nine pocket protector with mostly journaling, but a couple of weather chart photo's from my iPhone to reflect the hot weather and the three page text that I had with my son as he handed in his last piece of work at Uni and the degree was completed. I love that you can photo the screen by holding the on/off button on the top edge at the same time as the main button on the front lower edge and get a screen shot saved to your photo's. I use this a lot now.
I had to start my second AC 8.5x11 album for this week, as my other one was bulging, especially after my birthday pages with the photo stacks and mini album. I was trying to keep it to a maximum of two albums, so was aiming to get to week 26 but did not make it!!
Week 22 mix of Instagram photo's and journaling cards. Used my AC Dear Lizzy date stamp a lot on these two pages.
Week 23, which precede my double page spread for the Jubilee I showed yesterday. Lots of leaflets and a collage picture of Glasgow on the right hand page. I slid them onto strips of the same paper as the background. They can be removed to look at if the page is slid out of the A4 protector.
This album is approached differently to a normal scrapbook page, because you need to get more info in a smaller space. I am constantly thinking up ways of getting everything I want on to a page and have come up with lots of different ways so far! TFLx

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Check out my Jubilee pages for Project Life!

I know it's out of sequence, but I skipped to my double page spread  for the Jubilee, for my Project Life album today, to get the local photo's scrapped with some of my jubilee embellishments! I wanted to do it whilst I felt in a Jubilee mood!
I had saved one of my birthday cards with a glittery pink and blue Union Jack on it, to use as part of my background. I added a photo of the queen from the 1950's, that came on an email newsletter from a company I subscribe to. I printed it out on presentation paper and trimmed it. I also teamed it with one of my mini table decorations and some of my pennants. A die cut crown I made using my Silhouette, completes the decoration of my first page, along with a photo of our town square.
I removed the Happy Birthday decoupage from my birthday card and added some punch out circle and scallop circles instead, crowned with a scan of a sticker from out local jubilee celebrations, printed on photo paper. Underneath is a phrase from the free Sizzix download papers "You are cordially invited..."
The other half of the page was made using some more of my decorations and free papers, along with a mini tag book of journaling using my London Soldier tags to make a booklet. The booklet also has some mini photo's of the Thames flotilla and Queen on the jubilee barge.

Please link me up to any of your Jubilee pages! TFLx

Friday, 8 June 2012

Cards using my Cameo

June is a hectic birthday month for our family! I seem to have loads! I decided to put my Cameo to good use and design a few of my own!

The first two are a 3D design that folds with an inner design cut from patterned paper. The whole thing is then mounted on a normal card blank made from coloured card stock. The lower one is a print and cut file. I imported a picture from the net and then made an outline, which I offset. The 3 is cut out and paper put behind. The Silhouette files for the top two will be in my Etsy shop at some point!! TFLx