Sunday, 28 September 2014

I don't do mess ...aka Techniques from my last mini album

Sometimes you get bogged down using the same old things when you are crafting, we all do, we have the stash but can't be bothered or wont get it out and use it. With this album, I was inspired by my pins on Pinterest to get in there and use some older techniques I have not done for ages!
I hold my hands up and admit I don't do mess! (You should have seen me the other day wrapping a present with celebration paper, when all the gold glitter fell off everywhere!!!) I am a bit frightened of embossing powder for the same reason, however I decided it had to be done, so I broke out my gold embossing powder for this album.
I quite like the effect of embossing on textured card, it adds another dimension.
I made this little flick book using some spare Project Life cards and some washi tape. 
I chose 4 cards and laid them out so they were slightly staggered. I then taped them together on both sides to make the hinges.

I then glued the embossed card on the front cover of the flick book and rounded the corners with my corner rounding punch. 

I then wrote inside the flick book and had to create a special pocket in my page protector
to hold it.
Using a full size handbook page protector, slide a small cutting mat in side the pocket and slit a hole just through the top layer of page protector, where you want your flick book to slide in. Mine went up from the bottom seam for 3 inches plus a little extra for movement, and was about 2 inches in from the left hand edge seam. Remove the cutting mat and stitch across the page protector at this level to create a solid bottom pocket.
I also made a slit about 4 inches across from the left hand edge, so that a 4x4 photo could be added above the flick book. I stitched across the top and bottom of where that photo would go. You can stitch right the way across if you want. Finally, I added my title inside the remaining top inch of the page protector and stitched it closed. 
I decided to add half a card for journaling onto the surface of the page protector and stitch it down. Do your journaling first, tuck it under the 4x4 back to back photo and stitch through the plastic. By having this on top of the plastic, it add dimension.
here is what it looks like from the back. TFLx

Friday, 26 September 2014

Triangle crazy, inspired by Pinterest pins

One of my favourite pages from my 30 days of me album was this page, very simple but effective. The inspiration came from this 
picture and this picture I found on Pinterest.
My choice of ink colours included some from the new release over at Studio Calico and my recent favourite Coral Bay, along with silver and gold.
The two stamp sets were from Studio Calico too. It was stamped on the back of a wood grain card stock page and I like how you can see the texture of the wood grain through it.
I am determined to make use of my Pinterest Pins! Check out my Pinterest Inspiration board here.
Last weeks post about this layout was also inspired by a Pinterest pin.

This one here.
Use your Pinspiration!! TFLx

Monday, 22 September 2014

30 days of me class update

I'm not very good at managing to get myself into my Project Life very often! I do try to get my thoughts down occasionally, but I wonder exactly how much of "me" comes across in there. I decided to take the online class over at Studio Calico called 30 days of me and was a bit unsure I would complete it, but as it was run by Maggie Holmes, I knew I have always loved her classes and so I hoped I would get it done! 

I have been totally inspired to get this done and have really enjoyed putting it together. I showed some supplies I had pulled from my monthly kits in a previous post, but I knew I had enjoyed my Sicily album so much, I wanted to keep this white with pastel shades too.
Every time I complete a page, it becomes my new favourite! (Notice how my new colour coded embellishment storage is at work here too! In a previous post if you are inspired.)
I have pulled out my stamps now my stamp storage is working better and I am using so many more of them!
 This old Studio calico one is one of my all time faves! printing in black and white on vellum and stamping over the top in gold brilliance ink on this page.
Stamping and embossing on an acetate overlay this page:
Gold embossing too! I made a staggered flick book here using 3x4  project life cards and washi tape. Will share more tomorrow. TFLx

Saturday, 20 September 2014

How to make a 4x6 paper pad storage caddy from a SC Project Life kit box


I was challenged by Sandra to make something out if the new Studio calico project Life kit box. They have just switched to this new type and they are less robust than the old ones, but I was sure they could be useful!
1. The first thing to do use measure and cut some off the front flap, so it just folds back on itself inside the box. Stick this in place and it will strengthen the top edge of the box. 
Now rule and score the back flap and fold to the inside. This measurement depends on how much you want to see inside the box.
Fold it to the inside and stick down, making sure the side flaps are out as in this photo.
Now fold the sides in and close the box. Now comes the tricky bit, with the box closed, punch a hole through both sections with a Cropadile Big Bite, positioning the hole close to the front edge.
Now open out the box on your cutting mat and carefully cut an arc cutting slot away from the punch hole, through both layers of card. I ended up making it a bit longer than this photo shows, so that the box tilted open a bit wider in use, but be careful not to go too near the edge or it may tear.
Now close the box again and using too longish brads, one on each side, thread the brad through from the insode of the box to the outside of the box, through all layers.
Now check and adjust, seeing that the box will tilt open and closed easily.
I covered up the split ends of the brad on the outside of the box with a couple of sticky tickets or you could use washi tape. Open and in use it looks like the photo above.

Tip: I got fed up of looking through these paper pads for a paper and finding it missing, so I have torn out the index card at the front of each pad and put a cross on the used ones. Now I keep all the index cards at the front for easy reference! Simple! Why didn't I think of it before? I may even make more of these and group all my 6x4 papers and Project life cards according to colour!
Thanks to Sandra for making me get my little grey cells to work on this idea!

Friday, 19 September 2014

How to make a 3x4 card storage tray

I am busy trying to multitask on various projects and had various boxes and dishes out on my desk. I realised I needed a narrow box for my 3x4 cards I had selected to use in my 30 days of me handbook over at the Studio Calico class. I had also pulled tags and embellishments to use too.
Sorting through this pile at the start of every page was time consuming. I searched in my craft cupboard for a suitable container, but did not find one, although I did find and empty magazine storage box from IKEA, made from corrugated card, so I made it into this cute tray!
1. First take your FLYT magazine holder and cut it down to double the finished height you want.
2. Take a ruler and score at the height exactly half way through the finger hole and all the way around the box on all sides.
3. Add wide washi tape so that the score line is directly under the centre of the tape. (This is so that when you fold it the top edges remain neat and not look messy!)
4. Cut down at each of the four corners so you can fold these down inside the box. Finally you can close the bottom of the box in the normal way as IKEA direct you on the bottom! I then cut a piece of the leftover card to fit inside the bottom of the box to hold all the sides down in place and hide any mess. There is enough in the waste you cut off the top of the magazine holder to make this.
Done! 3x4 cards and tags in the front, then a plastic box of embellishments holds them upright and in place. 6x4 cards fit vertically in the back and can be accessed from the side. Also included mini alphas and embellishments on cards that I'm using. 
I think the FLYT boxes come in a set so you could make several of these and use them for normal project life organisation quite cheaply! I may make another for all my spare 3x4 cards. Watch this space! TFLx

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Colour coding embellishments & getting into the crafting groove!

I have really enjoyed this time "between jobs" and have got to grips with a backlog of Project Life! i think I was way back in June when I started my catch up this week!
I have been getting a lot of weeks caught up and am now up to week 30! I even started Volume 2!
One of the big decisions I made was to colour code my embellishments! It may sound simple but it was a big decision! So I emptied all my little storage boxes onto my desk and then sorted them according to colour.
As you can now see I have a mixture in each one, but all the same colour family, Epic!

It has actually helped my Project Life scrapping no end!
All beautifully labelled and in my top drawer! here are my categories.
I even went further and colour coded my die-cuts!
never have I been so organised! I am also completing a handbook at the same time as catching up on PL! I am taking Maggie Holmes class over at Studio Calico called 30 days of me, not something I normally like to scrap, but I felt it was appropriate at this time and before Maggie leaves SC. Check out my Instagram feed for how I'm doing! Link in sidebar and as always, thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Mini album in Black and White

Finally I did some crafting! It has been a while! I thought I would have so much time once I left work but family life over the summer has meant that I have enjoyed it all the more! Now the schools and colleges have gone back it has begun to sink in. I don't teach anymore! My elder son has left for University to complete his PGCE and now there is just the two of us at home! When the schools went back on Monday, I felt really strange, so I gave myself a crafting day to get my Sicily album started.
 I used a grey handbook from Studio Calico and selected a muted colour palette of coral and seafoam as my highlight colours. I sorted out any Project life cards I had in those two colours and any 6x4 papers from PL paper pads.
I used my Studio Calico attacher die to cut some hinges in my two colourways. As always I like to include ephemera. 
having recently revamped my stamp storage, I used a lot more stamps in this album. I pre-selected them before I started and had them out on my desk in a basket.
 I included some pages in vellum. I made a template on my silhouette to include the binder holes, so I could cut all my pages exactly the same size and just varied the material on the settings tab. I did not use any page protectors in this album.
 I included all the black and white postcards I wrote daily on our holiday.
 I included the postcard paper bags as pages.
 I even cut some pages pout of watercolour paper and experimented with my Mister Huey masks and watercolour, then outlined them and spritzed with water to smudge.
I used old fashioned photo corners and slit the page to tuck the photo corners in. 
These half pages I used to add two photo's back to back. I stuck them together at the top and bottom and then slid them on the card.
 I tried to keep it all very simple and minimalistic for me!
 I took inspiration from my Pinterest board here. TFlx